The Uniform Khobar Customization

Whether it’s an apron or a shirt, we’ll make it just the way you want it.

When it comes to customization, especially when it comes to clothes, you’re going to pay a premium. Of course, something that will change your everyday life is too expensive to be just a treat.

Getting it right for your business is an important part of creating an atmosphere where customers will come back for more. And getting that look is not easy. By taking clothes off the rack and honing them, you can get unique outfits that fit your theme at an affordable price.


When you first contact Uniform-team, we’ll talk to you about your needs and let you know if there are any special requests you’d like to include in your outfit. From there, we’ll have a basic understanding of your uniform and be able to adjust the theme to suit it. If you’re struggling with ideas, don’t worry.

Our designers will research your business by visiting your website, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. to try and understand the environment in which your uniform will be worn.

We then create a mock-up of your clothing, usually Uniform-team, to give you a photo-realistic shape. This allows you to see what the finished product will look like before you place your order.


For larger orders, we will create a sample of your finished garment. This allows you to see if there are any problems with your concept and modify it accordingly. This is an important step in bringing a flat 2D design to life and is the final confirmation of the design work.

There is no substitute for a trial form on site, so we will send you a sample so you can see your staff in full action


There are three main advantages to creating Uniform-team uniforms from standard clothing. The first is the price, the second is the ability to order a smaller quantity, and the third is faster delivery.

Usually, custom orders tie you up with a large order, sometimes you have to pay upfront and sometimes you have to wait months for it to arrive, but this custom order has no such restrictions.

You can order very small quantities at a time and have them shipped relatively quickly. The prices will be very good compared to custom orders.

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