Uniform Khobar

When you go shopping for uniform pant, it can be difficult to choose a specific type. This is mainly due to the fact that there are many different models and each uniform pant Dammam has many different features. Finding the right combination of comfort and durability for your daily life should be your ultimate goal. This guide is designed to help you understand the features of trousers, so you can be confident in your purchase and tackle the tasks ahead.


Uniform-team  trousers come in three styles: straight, wide and baggy (sometimes called fit bib or loose low cut), but no matter how sturdy and comfortable they are, you won’t be satisfied if they don’t fit. Which one is best for you depends more on your body type than what you do with it.

Simply put, the biggest difference between the two is the distance between the seat and the top of your thighs.

Straight: These trousers have the slimmest fit in both the buttocks and thighs, with a medium waist that falls just below your natural waist.

Baggy: These trousers have more room than straight leg trousers, but are slimmer than baggy trousers. They fit perfectly around your natural waist.

Wide-cut: Uniform-team makes the most discreet trousers on the market. These trousers fall over your natural waist, offer great freedom of movement and have wide legs.


Uniform-team is best known for its classic denim and duck fabrics, but also offers a variety of durable fabrics.

Duck: Duck, made from stiff, hemmed cotton, is the basis of Uniform-team’s fabrics. Duck trousers are resistant to hooks, wind and vertical forces. We think they will give you a long life.

Canvas: If you like the strength and durability of duck, but want to wear something lighter in warmer temperatures, the canvas is the fabric for you.

Stylish, comfortable and durable, trousers made from this fabric have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Sandstone Duck Sandstone ducks are brushed and sanded for softness and comfort. The more often you wear them, the more comfortable they will be from day one and even more comfortable in the long term.

Washed duck: Uniform-team has chosen a robust, classic duck that looks familiar when washed. This helps the fabric break down faster and look new for longer. This fabric is very similar to sandstone but is made with a different technique.


Need trousers with double knees? This style of trousers is for those who tend to wear their trousers on the front of their thighs or knees, or for those who kneel a lot at work.

Double knee trousers increase the durability, safety and functionality of traditional heavy-duty trousers with two layers of fabric. Not only do the layers of fabric extend the life of the trousers, but many double knee models also have knee patches that come out of small holes in the bottom of the fabric.

For workers who often work on their knees, protection and cushioning can be a lifesaver.


Uniform-team trousers have several pocket options: five standard pockets, with two back pockets, two front pockets and an additional pocket on one of the front pockets. In addition to this basic feature, most Uniform-team trousers have convenient pockets in various locations. Most have a convenient and discreet side pocket (some have two) for storing a mobile phone or other gadgets.

You have to look closely at each pocket to see where that handy pocket is. Uniform-team also makes cargo bags with large multiple pockets on the outside of each leg.

This is for the guy who needs to carry a handy ring hammer in addition to these pockets, so he always has his strongest tools handy.


The Liner Pant has a layer of fleece on the inside of the legs. If you’ve worked outdoors in the cold (or frost) for any length of time, you know how important a liner pant is. Liners are available in both jeans and trousers, with different types of fabric and different pocket arrangements.

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