Update Your Kitchen Uniforms, Jackets, Trousers, Aprons And Hats!

Restaurant kitchens see grease and dirty dishes every day, so it’s no wonder staff uniforms wear out quickly. If you want to give your kitchen staff a fresh and clean look, uniform Dammam has a wide range of coats, trousers, hats and aprons to choose from.


Let’s start with the kitchen staff. Uniform Dammam offers a fantastic range of chef’s hats, aprons, trousers and jackets. These will protect your staff from mess in the kitchen, whilst giving them a polished and professional look. They are easy to care for and lightweight, essential for any hot and busy kitchen.


What about the time your staff spends in and out of the kitchen? Aprons, shirts and button down shirts for service staff are available from Uniform-team. Like the uniforms for kitchen staff, they are lightweight for easy washing at home and to keep servers from getting too hot during restaurant activities.


Creating a recognizable and stylish brand is very important for restaurants. Putting your restaurant’s name and logo on the uniforms of your waiters and kitchen staff can help create a more cohesive and professional look. You can choose screen printing, embroidery or heat transfer to create original uniforms for your restaurant staff.

If you want to refresh your staff’s image, be sure to check out Uniform-team’s uniform Dammam for waiters and cooks.


Now that you’ve ordered uniforms from Uniform-team, you’ll want to know how to care for them properly. Taking care of your uniforms (and all your clothes) will not only make them shine every time you wear them, but it will also help them last longer. So, to keep your new uniforms clean and professional, let’s look at how to properly care for your new purchases so they last longer.

As a general rule, follow the washing instructions on the labels sewn into the seams of your uniforms. Turn the garment inside out before washing to reduce wear and tear in the washing machine.

 Always wash in cold water and wash each garment in the same color to avoid bleeding. Use bleach only on white clothes and pre-treat organic stains with Oxiclean on colored clothes.

The most important step to ensure the longevity of your new uniforms is to always tumble dry them. The heat from the dryer can damage and tear your clothes, accelerating wear and fading.

 At the end of the drying cycle, quickly remove the garment from the dryer and hang it up to avoid unwanted wrinkling. Most team uniform Dammam are made of easy-care materials that do not require ironing. If you do iron them on low heat and always iron them from the inside out.

If you follow these simple steps to keep your new uniforms clean, dry and fresh, you’ll have clothes that will last a long time. With a little ingenuity, you won’t have to replace clothes damaged by overheating or improper care.

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