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Whether you need aprons, shirts or waistcoats, we can help you find the right style Uniforms by Uniforms Jubail.

Whatever the size of your hotel, the appearance of your staff is very important. From reception to cleaning, a pleasant appearance makes guests feel comfortable and gives a sense of unity. That’s why good reception uniforms are very important.

There are two main types of reception staff: receptionists and administrative staff. The receptionist is probably the front line of the team. However, don’t forget that the service and bar staff is in constant contact with customers. They should always be available in a busy restaurant, bar or room.

Receptionists and waiters sometimes meet and share sandwiches. In large hotels, these two positions can be very different. So in this blog, we will focus on the restaurant and bar side.


During the reception, it is important to create an atmosphere in which guests feel comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings. Patrons who match the style of the hotel are a must.

 Whether it is a fancy boutique or a country house, the right look will make a big difference to the atmosphere you want to create. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to strike a balance between practicality and style.


It depends on the style you want is it formal or casual?

In a five-star hotel, staff rarely wears T-shirts, but they can opt for t-shirts. A waistcoat, trousers and a simple apron can be worn to a party or wedding without leaving the house.

This subtle style change can also define your unique position as a waiter, bar staff or manager. Wearing colorful waistcoats or aprons can help customers understand who’s who.

Of course, a bar or restaurant manager can also wear a suit. Matching the fabric of the suit and the waiter’s jacket creates a sense of unity.

However, waistcoats are not limited to country hotels. These suits are very stylish. They can be worn with chinos and a country-style apron for any occasion. Made from the latest materials, these waistcoats will keep you comfortable for long hours.

Comfort should be your priority when choosing a design. Don’t forget that your employees work long hours. If uniforms get in their way, they won’t be able to reach their full potential.

There are so many different styles and colors of shirts. You can easily get a design that fits your style. But if that doesn’t solve your problem, you can customize it at any time. You can easily roll up the sleeves or change the collar to orange.

There are also plenty of apron options to choose from. Finding the right fabric and color to suit your style is easy. Our standard aprons are available in different colors and we always offer great prices on bulk orders.

And don’t forget the accessories either. Ties, brooches and more can help you coordinate your look in a unified way. This is especially true if you’re thinking of going the special route. By customizing your corporate colors and brand colors, you can add ‘character’ to your uniform.

Of course, everything can be branded. Embroidery is probably the most popular. Not just because it’s the most durable and long-lasting. But also because of the attention to detail in designs that can be made this way.

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